Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I Love Holidays

Hey again everyone! Sorry, I didn't mean to neglect my blog for so long. But I have been so busy. It's crazy. Since  I last updated I have made a round trip to Idaho to visit my family. (we drove. AND I learned how to drive a stick shift.) That was such a blast though. Just hanging out again and catching up...my family is so funny. I can't describe how much I've missed all the noise and craziness. Except, I have a lower noise tolerance than I once did. I used to not really be bothered by a ton of noise, but there were several times I found myself wishing I was back home in my quiet apartment. ;)

As soon as we got home I had to run off and take my State Practical test for the First Responder class I was taking. I can't tell you how relieved I am to finally not have to worry about tests anymore...the next day was the written test and so I studied some more...then I got there, and they totally tricked me...they hardly had any questions about the stuff I had studied...and they asked so many questions that looked ALL the same. I haven't gotten my results back yet, but trust me, you will hear my exclamation of joy, if I pass. :)

Then there was Easter. I love Easter. Everything is all springy and cheerful, and everyone dresses up in pretty bright colors...and its awesome. I have heard the story so many times, but it never grows old. What Jesus did for me(you) is absolutely incredible and beyond my comprehension. I also enjoy all the cute plays people do about the Easter story.

And then there's the food...I don't know about you all...but my family was the type to celebrate holidays. My mom made the BEST food ever...and we NEVER ran out...there was always so much food, that we could've just sat there at the table and feasted all day without a worry. That's one of the things I've missed the most about home....is the holidays. Everyone celebrates them differently...but it's not something you really think about. Until, BAM! You aren't home with your family for the holiday...and you go to someone else's place, or your in laws. My husbands family isn't really the type to just go all out with an awesome feast...and so that made me super homesick over Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. So I decided that the next holiday we came to, I was going to take things into my own hands. ;)

Along came Easter. I planned out a menu and when shopping. I was so annoyed though, when I couldn't find the meat I wanted. I was looking for some nice lamb chops. Because, A. I don't really like Ham...AND it's not good for you. And B. Why do so many people celebrate days like Christmas and Easter with a big juicy Ham? Ham is from pig, which was considered by the Jews an unclean animal and they were forbidden to eat it. Plus, the fact that Jesus was considered the "Lamb of God"...idk, it just seems more awesome and meaningful to eat lamb on those holidays. But I couldn't find any!! All I could find was this giant lamb leg, and that grossed me out. So I opted for 2 Cornish Game Hens. They're small. Delicious....and small...and delicious. Oh! They also are not ham. ;) That being said...I really don't care if you  eat Ham for those holidays. :) I was just stating my personal opinion, and since I like to have my opinion, I will more than gladly allow someone else's theirs. ;)

We didn't actually have our Easter meal on Easter Sunday. We had it Monday night instead. Because we were invited over to a friends place for Sunday afternoon lunch. Where we enjoyed a delicious meal, and some awesome times. 

Lemon Pepper, Rosemary and Garlic Roasted Cornish Game Hen
Honey Seasoned Yam
Spinach & Turkey Bacon Salad Sprinkled With Feta Cheese, and drizzled with Balsamic Vinaigrette and garnished with Bosc Pears. (Ingredients: Baby Spinach, Baby Bella Mushrooms, Red Onion, Hard Boiled Eggs, Turkey Bacon, Feta Cheese and Bosc Pears)
Raw Vegan Chocolate Cinnamon Mousse
This was delicious and I've been wanting to try it for ages. But! I don't think I will put cinnamon in next time.

Oh. And we had some nice fluffy White Whole Wheat buns...But I failed to get an after pic of them...they are on the plate. :)

I will post all the recipes for everyone in following posts. :) 
I will also give a post of what I used the left over chicken for...as there was no way we could each eat an entire chicken. ;)
Question: What is your favorite Holiday and why? Are you the type to celebrate holidays? Also, do you have any special traditions? Tell me about them.

I would love to hear what your menu was!

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  1. Menu sounds good!! Our Easter menu was game hens also as we could not find lamb cheap enough, And mashed potatoes w/ gravy aspargus w/ sesame seeds. spring salad, Hot cross buns, lamb shaped cake and rainbow sherbet!! :)