Friday, March 9, 2012

What I Do With My Remaining Bread Dough

Here's the promised update on what I use the rest of my bread dough for. :) Like I said, I generally only make 3 regular loaves of bread. I make a fourth loaf of cinnamon bread. :) Because I love cinnamon...and bread. :) It's just an awesome snack. :) I also love diversion, and getting as much stuff done in one process as I can. :)

You will need: Bread dough, cinnamon, honey, flour, rolling pin.
So, what I do is mix up about 1/4 cup of honey,  a Tablespoon of cinnamon and 1/2 Tablespoon of flour. I'm honestly not sure on these measurements, because I tend to just dump at this point and go with it. :) 
On this loaf, instead of just immediately forming it into a loaf, I instead get out the rolling pin and roll it out into  a rectangular shape. You are going to want to get this as close to a rectangle as possible. How thick the dough is after you roll it out depends entirely on how many "swirls" of cinnamon you want in your loaf. Just be careful not to get it too thin, or it will leak.
When you're done rolling it out, spread the cinnamon mixture onto it, be careful not to get it too close to the edge of the dough or it will all gush out when you go to roll it up.
After you've done that, you need to roll the dough. Starting at one of the ends. Roll it up tightly. Don't be alarmed if there's a pile of honey and stuff oozing out the other end once it's all rolled up. Just scrape it away with a spoon and be done with it. I then, just help the shape of the loaf out a bit with my hands, to make sure it looks normal when it comes out of the oven.
Place it in a greased bread pan. I also like to make a bit of a "design" in the top of my cinnamon loaf. This bakes for as long as the other ones do. I generally just put all four loaves in the oven at once.
Here they are when they are done. The Cinnamon loaf is the one on the far right.  Like, I said, I like mixing things up a bit. It's also nice to have at least one "normal looking" loaf... for sandwiches. :) Notice the 2nd one in from the left? That is what happens when you cut to deep. :) I think I love blogs now. :) If something doesn't turn out quite right I just use it for an example: "don't do this, or it will look like this". ;) Gotta love it.
Does anyone else LOVE those sandwich thins that you can buy? Well, I do. They're awesome  for so many reason...more sandwich, less "pizza's"...yeah. They're awesome, as I mentioned before. But I just don't really like breads that arent home made. My husband prefers that I use those to make his sandwiches for his lunch. So I always make them along with my bread. Again this is using the same recipe.

For these you will need: Bread dough, Rolling Pin, Fork, Italian Seasoning, Crushed Red Pepper, Chopped Onion, Parmesan Cheese. Cookie Sheets.
So. If you haven't noticed we've only made 4 loaves, when the recipe yields "5", start noticing. There's going to be a little over a loaf's worth of dough left. So I divide that up into balls about the size you'd use when making dinner rolls. I then divide each of those balls.
You need the rolling pin for this part too. :) Take the balls and roll them out into a circle, one at a time. I don't know about you but it's rather difficult for me to roll something out into a circle. So here's one way to increase your odds of getting a nice circle. :) Take the ball, and roll it, it will stick to your rolling pin and will be somewhat oval shaped. [figure 1.] Peel it off, lay it back on the table and place your rolling pin right in the middle of the oval. The narrow parts of the oval should be sticking out on either side of the rolling pin. Roll it again. Until the dough appears to be in a circle. If it's still not quite shaped the way ya want it...feel free to use your hands. [Figure 2, 3, and 4.] Then lay the circle onto a greased cookie sheet. Repeat the above steps, placing the next circle of dough on top of the previous one. Thus making a sandwich out of the dough. Continue until you run out of dough. :)

After you have one pan filled, you can pull out your fork and just punch piles of holes into the tops of these things, it makes them look much cooler. This is my favorite part. :)
I make the next pan, exactly like the first except I like to have some seasoned ones. So When I'm finished with this pan, I sprinkle the tops with: Italian Seasoning, Crushed Red Pepper, Chopped Onion, and Parmesan Cheese.

I don't let these raise for very long, because that would defeat the purpose of them. I generally put them in the oven after they've had about 10 minutes to rise. Keep the oven set to 350 degrees F and set the timer for 15-20 minutes. 
Take out when they are done, let cool and then make yourself an awesome sandwich. :)
For this sandwich I used: Spinach. Sharp Cheddar Cheese. [that comes from my parents-in-law's organic dairy farm. They make cheese's and yogurts to sell. The cheese tends to be rather strong. Making it an awesome choice for this particular sandwich.] Bell Peppers. Baby Bella Mushrooms. Balsamic Vinaigrette. :)

It's absolutely delicious!!! :) :)

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  1. Oh, you make me wanna play with bread dough again. Make crackers, cinnamon rolls, rolls... anything with dough!! Looks so good!!

    1. I know, I love bread dough and just making all sorts of different things with it. :)

  2. Yep, I'd have to agree, Asbolutely delcious!!! Way to go awesome post!!!

  3. Thanks Vonda I just ate dinner and now you made me hungry again, Great post