Saturday, April 21, 2012

Healthy Chocolate Mousse! [ & A new look for me????]

Do you wanna know what I did yesterday? I helped my Marlin frame up a deck...or whatever it's know, like, put up the frame of the the deck structure is there, but the boards aren't on or the rail? yeah. I think it's called a deck frame. If it's not. Too bad. You get the picture.

But seriously! I think guys are strong. Like, stronger than you actually think they are. Because, I've always considered myself to be a strong girl. Maybe even stronger than I thought I was. ;) Yesterday kinda made me take a second look at that. But let's not focus on that. How morbid. Anyway! About the guy's being strong thing.

We were putting up these 2 by 12's around the edge...and then 2 by 10's for the floor joists. AND IT HURT!  Okay. now that I put that out there, I feel better. So what happened was: I stood on a ladder in the middle of the structure. (on the ground of course) and Marlin had the edge. He handed one end of the board up to me and then carried the other end up his side of the ladder. Then we held them up. (above my head, mind you. yeah, SUPERWOMAN!) and he lined his end up with whatever he was lining it up with, and then managed to hold his end of the HEAVY board up with one hand and wrestled the nail gun up there and nail his end in. (I say "wrestled" because that's what I would do. It actually was pretty effortless on his part.) Then He would climb down and come over to my end of the board and do the same thing over. Repeat process, repeat process, repeat, yeah. Your getting the point.

You wanna know something? I seriously thought I was going to drop my end of the board every time! It just got heavier and heavier. I'll bet I'm several inches shorter now. But it got me thinking. How many times have I watched my dad and bros...and a few other guys do something like that and act like it was no biggie. When, hello? It IS a biggie. Just saying. I really do think they're stronger than I think they are. Which, really leaves me with a dilemma...because now I have no clue how strong they are! Oh, and My Marlin? He's stronger than all of them. (I just had to say that. You understand, I hope.)

Alright! Enough of that. Yay!

I'm so excited right now. I actually feel like, a genius or something. I always get so happy when I learn something new...something that I thought was hard, but turned out easy. I learned this last night at like, midnight. Yeah. My poor Marlin...he had to put up with me being all excited about this.

But here it is! I always thought the fish tail braid was super creepy looking. Like, idk, it sorta looks like a rattle snakes tail. But when I found out how easy it was, I decided to do it anyway. And it actually isn't that bad. It kinda grows on you. Besides, when you run your hand down the length of the "braid"? It's super trippy feeling. Seriously. That alone is worth the work. :) I'm not good at it yet. This is only my second try. But here ya go.

Once I took a good long look at it. I decided that the best look to go with this weird like, the hippy style. So Basically, I think all you need to do for this style is just throw on some bright colors and a flowy skirt. Then do the braid thing...and make sure you just have random hairs hanging out. Which for me is not a problem. My hair just doesn't enjoy staying where I put it. Then! This the tricky part. Grab all of your colorful bracelets and a couple necklaces and throw it all on....after I did all of that... I felt like I should be out in the middle of the meadow meditating in the early morning sunshine or something. So I went and peaced out for awhile. I really think I need to work on my meditative form though. But bear with me, it's a work in progress....and of course no rush! But wow. Now I feel like my mellow has been put in place for the day.

I really think I could work this look....or not? I mean. For today, anyway. Tomorrow I might be something else...because I won't have the braid. But, it's a good thought.

Okay! Okay. Focus Vonda. Focus. I'm very focused right now. Recipe. Mousse, recipe. Healthy, Mousse recipe. Got it.

Awhile back I found this recipe for a Vegan Chocolate Mousse. Quite frankly, I was fascinated. I just had to make it. I mean, it has...wait for it: Avocado's in it! How weird is that anyway? Yeah. Pretty weird. I mean, I love's so green, and, well, green. But, guacamole, in chocolate? Seriously? WHAT?! Now I realize, avocados aren't guacamole. But be honest, I am not the only one that immediately associates the two. So this recipe is so cool me. Especially since it worked. :) Plus, it only takes like 5 minutes to make.

4 ripe organic avocados. halved, pitted, and with their flesh scooped out.
3/4 Cup of Cocoa Powder
3/4- 1 cup of Raw Organic Agave Nectar (or to taste)
3 Tablespoons of Raw Almond butter, (or 1/4 cup of coconut cream)
2 Tablespoons of Raw Vanilla Extract
1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon
(I did NOT like it with the cinnamon. I just added more vanilla. But it's your choice.)
pinch of sea salt

Place all ingredients in a high speed blender and puree until smooth. You might need to get a spatula and scrape the sides a few times and pulse. Because the mixture gets very thick.
Refrigerate for 2 hours and Serve!

So seriously! Now answer me, How awesome is that? Very awesome! Totally guilt free too. And you seriously cannot taste the avocados. :)

Speaking of Avocados [aka guacamole]: What is your favorite spring/summer time chip dip? :)
I love fresh salsa and.....guacamole. :)

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  1. Good grief, child! i'm glad you finally got to the point! And the "peace out' look ...nah....not cool...too much of a not-so-good thing!

    1. Well, you know. It kinda just happened. I suddenly realized I was getting off topic. So I brought it around.

      Oh. It was an innocent peace out look. I was just having a "lol breathe deeply moment". No worries. ;)

  2. you totally work that hippy look :) :)


  3. Vonda didn't I ever make this when you visited us in Mexico. my friend at Marilyn at has this recipe. She has lots more that you might like. I'll have to read your blog more often now and see if there is something that I can use for the kids here. Michelle

    1. Hey Michelle! Thanks for dropping by. :) And no, I don't think ya did. Understandably. Moving kinda tends to mix life up for awhile. :)

      Thanks for the suggestion. She does have a lot of interesting recipes! I might be trying a few in the future. :)

  4. Ahahahahaahahahahaha.
    You rock the look, Vonda.

    Oh, oh.... Cool recipe! I think I shall make it!

    1. ;) Helen! Do you really think I do? Really? truly? Oh. Your opinion means so much here. ;)

      And yay!! Go for it! You won't regret it. Make sure your avocado's aren't too ripe tho! :) Let me know how ya like it. :)