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my marlin
Hey there! I'm Vonda. Yeah. There. We just met. I'm so glad you're checking out my blog. I'm just starting so it's not super full of cool things yet. But I hope you like it anyway, and decide to follow it.

A little about me: I'm 20! Yay. I don't feel old. Not one bit. But I think I am. I'm married. That has to mean I'm old. I make healthy food and care about what I eat. That has to mean I'm old. But wait! It hasn't always been this way...I used to not care. Living by the rule: "Hey, you'll end up dying anyway, so you may as well enjoy yourself while you can, and eat what you want." I don't really agree with my self proclaimed motto anymore. Because, I've changed. I've started eating healthy...and I feel different. Better, in fact. It's rather awesome, I think. But I still agree that we should be able to enjoy ourselves to the fullest...especially when we eat. Who doesn't enjoy an absolutely delicious meal? I mean, it's so memorable and satisfying. But here's what I'm about. I'm here to destroy the myth...The myth that food cannot taste good without sugars and white flours and all that other stuff we pump our bake goods full of to get it that to-die-for flavor...and that exquisite texture.

Like I said before, I'm married. [9.18.11] Yeah. You're going to have to hear about My Marlin. Because I'm the type of person who just has to talk about what I think is awesome....and HE is awesome! Oh, and Handsome too...he is also the reason I am cooking the way I am today [more of that in a little bit, but back to what I was saying]... I met him 3 yrs ago..on April 9th, to be exact...and I'm pretty sure I could get the time I met him down to within a few minutes, but I'll spare you that. Basically all you need to know, is that I liked him right away. A lot in fact. ;) He's a Firefighter and an EMT. Which I think is totally cool. I love flashing lights, and sirens, and uniforms, and flashing lights, and sirens, and helicopters, and fire trucks, and flashing lights and....yeah, you get the point. I love going on calls with him. I recently got my First Responder license so now I'll be able to help a little. One of these days I'll be able to drive the ambulance...and then look out world! There are going to be lights and sirens EVERYwhere! People will know that there's an emergency. ;) He's really into search and rescue stuff too....yeah, he's just hardcore and awesome like that. He does construction, and awesome for a living. :)

A few things I enjoy would be: Cooking and baking (of course), I love writing! Sewing, crafts, reading, volleyball, ICE CREAM! sunshine, anything fun and active...I like doing fun things...boring stuff, not so much.
Anyway, I grew up helping my Mom cook and bake for our family of eleven...we did our best to create delicious, home cooked meals, on a limited income, that were also nutritious...When I got married (to the MOST awesome guy ever), and moved 2,500 miles away from my family. Suddenly everything was on me. The baking, the cooking, the shopping. To make matters more difficult, I suddenly had to cook even more healthy than I ever imagined I would. No white sugar, no white flour..."all" the things that made baking and cooking good, had to be omitted.

My husband had Lymes and had been on a strict diet for the past 6-7 yrs in an attempt to cure Lymes naturally. He succeeded, but his body had lost its tolerance for all the junk out there that we eat without giving a second thought. It was no cheating for me. Trust me, I tried. But He can seriously tell if something is good for you or not, in one bite...one bite, can make him sick..just. like. that.

I was suddenly frustrated with the whole cooking/baking thing. I mean, it wasnt like I had cooked and baked "unhealthy" stuff previously. But, my "healthy" cooking wasn't quite to this extent. Plus, I don't know how many times as a child I'd been to a "healthy" person's house and inwardly groaned as I sat down for a meal. We've all tasted it. That distinct "this-is-so-gross-it-has-to-be-good-for-you" taste. I did not want to become one of those houses.

So I started searching online for recipes. But to my astonishment I found little to no recipes that fit my criteria. I wasn't looking for gluten free recipes, or sugar free recipes. I was looking for recipes that used other grains, and/or whole wheat flour...recipes that had no sugar, but instead used molasses, honey, or blue agave nectar. My frustration grew.

Finally, I just started taking recipes, and completely altering them past the point of recognition...reworking them to fit our diet. There was so much trial and error...so much work put into a cookie, only to pull them out of the oven and have them fall flat...taking a bite of a freshly made scone, and being disgusted by the texture and graininess whole wheat had given it. But I kept at it and slowly I got them perfected.

I am not about buying expensive ingredients and attaining an unreachable, impractical lifestyle. I go to WalMart for my groceries just like everyone else. But what I dont do is buy snacks, or preservative laden food. Yes, I buy mostly organic, and yes, I do read labels. But it IS possible to buy healthy, nutritious, ingredients and food withOUT a bottomless checking account...

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